Anthologies & Journals


Beyond the Frame, Diode Press, 2023.

In Beyond the Frame, poets respond to vintage abandoned photographs, and to the experimental, abstract images that were created from the photographs. The anthology features a multiplicity of voices, styles and perspectives. Like Allan Sekula in his meditation on a found triptych of photos, the abandoned images in Beyond the Frame appear “in an almost archaeological light.” Like Sekula, the poets sought to discover “What meanings were once constructed here … who spoke, who listened, who spoke with a voice not their own?”

They Rise Like A Wave: An Anthology of Asian American Women Poets, Blue Oak Press, 2022.

They Rise Like a Wave is an anthology that captures the dynamic and shifting landscape of Asian American poetry, a poetics that continues to grow and transform, a poetics that continues by breaking boundaries, experimenting with language, and revitalizing a historically narrow and oppressive Western canon. These poems emerge out of this particular political and historical moment–a time when language’s challenge to represent the complexities of reality is an aesthetic, political, and moral charge. We hope this anthology serves as an invitation to further conversation, as another way station on this ongoing journey. At this time of reckoning and renewal, let us remember that poetry can be both a reflection of lived experience as well as a call to imagine how to build a better world.

Not Like the Rest of Us: An Anthology of Contemporary Indiana Writers, an Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project, INwords Publication, 2016.

Not Like the Rest of Us: An Anthology of Contemporary Indiana Writers features seventy-eight notable Indiana poets, fiction writers and essayists, including Marianne Boruch, Jared Carter, Mari Evans, Karen Joy Fowler, Helen Frost, John Green, Philip Gulley, Patricia Henley, Susan Neville, Scott Russell Sanders, and Dan Wakefield. The most experienced writers here are in their nineties, the youngest in their twenties. Some are best-selling authors, some widely known in literary circles, some just beginning. Many were born and raised in Indiana, others found their way here and stayed. Edited by Barbara Shoup & Rachel Sahaidachny

Small Batch: An anthology of bourbon poetry, Winged City Press / Two of Cups Press, 2014


  • “Firemoon” included in the collaboration in Issue 1 at Collider
  • “Ring around the Year” (Best of the Net nomination), Quarterly West, Issue 104
  • “Nothing is Less Real than Realism”, “Drinking Limoncello on my Birthday”, and “All that Shines”, GUEST #18
  • “Orbit,” online edition of Witness
  •  “In a Dream My Father Teaches Me About Sound as it Relates to Time” and “In a Dream, my Dead Father Crashes a Party,” Ploughshares, Spring 2021
  • “Instrument” (nominated for a Pushcart) Moon City Review, 2021
  • “In a Dream, My Dead Father Teaches Me How to Hear Gravitational Waves” (nominated for a Pushcart),”In a Dream, I Watch a Story That My Dead Father Once Told Me,” and “In a Dream, My Dead Father Lectures Me about Remaining Positive During a Crisis,” The Account, Fall 2020
  • “Chiaroscuro,” The Indianapolis Review, Summer 2020 (nominated for a Pushcart)
  • “6-Phallic,” Copper Nickel, Spring 2020
  • “Echo,” “Interstice” (reprint) and “Wordlust” (reprint, nominated for a Pushcart), Diode Poetry, Issue 13.1
  • “Narrative is the Native Tongue of the Brain” (nominated for a Pushcart) and “5-Butterfly,” The Southern Review, Winter 2020 and Autumn 2020 respectively
  • “Altered State at the Grocery Store” and “First-Time Defendant at Nineteen,” Tar River Poetry,  Fall 2019
  • “In Praise of Fog,” Poet Lore, Volume 114 3/4 (Fall 2019 / Winter 2020)
  • “Reverberation,” The Cincinnati Review, Issue 16.2 (Fall 2019)
  • “1: Mothra”, “2: Mirror, Mirror,” and “Dulce Domun” (nominated for a Pushcart Prize),  The Indianapolis Review, Issue 10 (Fall 2019)
  • “Return to Terra Firma,” Menacing Hedge, Issue 9.02 (Fall 2019)
  • “Wordlust” (nominated by Diode Editions for a Pushcart) and “Learning to Barter with God the Way My Mother Barters With the Fishmonger Over Yesterday’s Spoils,” Smartish Pace, Issue 26 (2019)
  • “Why I Should Love the Number 8,” Moon City Review, 2019 Issue
  • “Cataract,” Third Coast, Issue 46 (2019)
  • “Eight Ways of Looking at a Man-Kite,” Baltimore Review, Fall 2018
  • “Why There is No Interest in Singing,” The Adroit Journal, Issue 25 (2018)
  • “Umbra,” Valparaiso Poetry Review, Spring/Summer 2018
  • “Memory Reel,” The Southern Review, Spring 2018
  • “Sestina,” Cimarron Review, Winter 2018, Issue 202
  • “Saving My Mother,” Crab Orchard Review, 2018, Volume 22
  • “Gonga,” So It Goes: Literary Journal of The Kurt Vonnegut Museum, Issue 6, October 2017
  • “He Takes Up Carving,” Blue Lyra Review, Summer 2017
  • “On seeing a Heronry of Egrets Nesting in a Tree,” “Heading Home,” and “Wingspan,” Zone 3 Literary Journal, Spring 2017
  • “Christmas, Saigon,” Ninth Letter, Spring/Summer 2017
  • “Orion,” The Briar Cliff Review, 2017
  • “Continual Process Improvement for the Astute Young-Adult Student, Or Lesson as Lesion,” Poor Claudia, Jan 2017
  • “A Drift of Dust,” Blue Lyra Review, November 2016, nominated for Best of the Net
  • “Gretel’s Errata to Her Father’s Version of the Story,” Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal, July 2016
  • “On Seeing The Embroiderer, Or Mette Gauguin,” Alaska Quarterly Review, Spring/Summer 2016, also reprinted in Not Like the Rest of Us: An Anthology of Contemporary Indiana Writers, an Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project published in Nov. 2016.
  • “The CommonWealth, Cash and Carry,” Pleiades, April 2016
  • “Knot-Box, Blood,” Bat City Review, April 2016
  • “Under the Influence,” Found Poetry Review, Vol 9, Winter 2016
  • “River is a Verb When Home is a Stopgap”, Wabash Watershed, November 2015
  • “‘First, My Brother’,” DIAGRAM, Issue 15.5, November 2015
  • “Electric-Yellow, We Are Watermarked,” Rogue Agent, Issue 7, October 2015
  • “When We Finally Arrive Stateside, My Father Gets Deployed To Vietnam,” Mason’s Road, Issue 10, 2015
  • “Lapidary,” Superstition Review, Spring 2015
  • “‘The Flowers That Never Fade'” and “‘Count Your Blessings’,”, Pith Journal, April 2015 
  • “‘My Own Shepherd’,” Festival Writer, March 2015
  • “‘Blazing Black Holes Spotted in Spiral Beauty’,” Sycamore Review, Issue 26.1 (2014), nominated for a Pushcart Prize
  • “Reunion: Day 3,” Boxcar Poetry Review, 2014, nominated for a Pushcart Prize
  • “but so beautiful, yes?,” RHINO, 2013
  • “Dislocated,” Elsewhere,  2013
  • “Haibun: Mackinac Island,” Noctua Review, 2013 issue
  • “Oblivescence,” Elsewhere, 2013
  • “Lessons,” Cold Mountain Review, Fall 2013
  • “Happenstance, Moirai,” Stone Highway Review, September 2013
  • “How She First Discovered Sex,” Naugatuck River Review, August 2013
  • “Curry,” The Louisville Review, Spring 2013, nominated for Pushcart Prize
  • “Inflamed,” “Dugong,” Penumbra, January 2013
  • “Of Geology and Fruit,” Found Poetry Review, Fall/Winter 2013
  • “Pretend Tender,” Paper Nautilus, Winter 2013
  • “On the lake, under the fog, with blue skies,” Roanoke Review, 2012
  • “Jump for Joy,” Imitation Fruit, November 2012
  • “dream, tiger,” The Golden Key, October 2012
  • “Backyard Buffet,” The New Sound: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Literature and Art, Spring 2012
  • “Round-robin, bluebonnets,” Adanna Literary Journal, July 2012
  • “The Cleave of Color,” Weave Magazine, Issue 7
  • “A Fine Meal,” Two Hawks Quarterly, Summer/Fall 2011, nominated for a Pushcart Prize
  • “Dot Product: The Cross Between Particle Theory and Pointillism,” “Orange Meditation,” Paper Nautilus, 2011